Water System Excavation Services

Water System Installation Services

Most acreage developments and properties outside of Calgary get their water via a well. But what most of these property owners already know is that a well isn’t enough. That’s where Acreage Development Solutions comes in. We build reliable and efficient water systems that will connect you to the well and deliver the water every which way or to wherever it’s needed. Talk to us and we’ll tell you the right system for your property. We address the needs of everyone, no questions asked. With our more than 30 years’ worth of experience in designing, building and maintaining water systems, this is something we can do in our sleep.


To compliment your fresh water systems we also install rainwater collection systems. Why not collect and store the water that passes through your eaves troughs. Then use it to water your outside plants and more. We can even set up sophisticated pumping systems to get that collected rainwater easily where you want it.


Well, Well, Now What?

When it comes to tying in wells and getting water to locations you need we have you covered. ADS will come to your property, take a look, ask you some basic questions to map out the requirements of the acreage or development and draw up a plan of action that addresses every need you have.

We do lots of water systems like:

Now, we show you the “WOW”

We’ve assured you that we value safety and quality in all our projects, for both our workers and our customers. We have a lot of years of experience in specialized heavy landscaping and “rough work.” Here, we’ll show you. Browse through our gallery of completed projects and see our quality work for yourself.

Piece of Mind is Priceless

ADS values your property and its needs. We come in and treat it like our own by working fast, efficiently, neat and precise. We don’t make any messes that we won’t clean up. When you hire the experts at ADS, with our 30 years of experience, you are choosing the best in quality over the best in price. We design and install water systems that bring a smile to your face and water into your home and leave your property looking beautiful and ready for the next step of your development. We stay committed to you and your water system for many years after the installation through to service and repair work including pump replacement, troubleshooting even down to thawing frozen lines.

Bottom-line is, just tell us what you need. We will get it done right the first time. All you do is sit back, relax and watch ADS perform their magic.


Our expert team can install anything from a simple pump and pressure tank to mutli-valve systems that deliver to not just your home, but to other areas of your property that need to be tied in. We start with a design that is customized to your specific piece of land, or take what you already have designed. From there we bring in excavating equipment to trench to and from wells, animal watering equipment, yard hydrants greenhouses, barns, shops and more. ADS can tie-in any well system to get water to wherever you need on your property. We perform trenching services that extend existing water systems also, need to expand your watering requirements? Call us, we’re here to help.


Common questions we are asked?

We know you have questions and we have all the answers, some listed below.


What do you mean "Water System"?

Most acreages have wells drilled for their water supply, but just having a well isn't enough.  In order to get water out of it, you still need a pump, pipe and wire in a trench from the well to the house, as well as a pressure tank and a control system (this is a conventional water system)

Do you drill wells?

No, but we can recommend quality people.

Do you install constant pressure systems?

Absolutely!! We install as many constant pressure systems as conventional systems.

What's the difference between a conventional water system and a constant pressure system?

A constant pressure system is an upgraded pump and control system that delivers near constant pressure delivery. The reason so many people like this is it acts very similar to the water delivery in a town or city. It eliminates the fluctuation in water pressure that the conventional system will have.

What about cisterns?

Of course!! We install cisterns from small poly units that are a couple  hundred gallons and can be carried into a house, right up to multi-unit, massive concrete cisterns that hold tens of thousands of gallons.

When would I need a cistern?

There are two main reasons for needing a cistern.  Sometimes wells don't produce enough water for a typical household and a cistern is installed to hold some "reserve” water as you need it. The second situation is when there is little or no water in the well (in a few situations there may be no well at all) and a cistern is installed to hold water for the house.  This would mean a truck with potable water comes every so often to fill the cistern up.

I need a livestock waterer, can you help?

No problem! We’ve installed lots of them, from one animal Eco-waterers to full on feedlot size projects. 

Do you do maintenance?

Yes, we maintain all of the work we install, and then some!!

Do you do repair water systems?

You bet! Give us a call with your water problem and we’ll get you fixed up and back in water asap.

Do you install water treatment equipment?

Yes, ADS has installed hundreds of water softeners, iron filters, green sand filters and even some whole house reverse osmosis (RO) units for especially nasty well water.  

What do you mean rainwater collection system?

We install water holding tanks that collect and hold rainwater off of your roof (typically.)  We often use the down spouts from your roof as the initial collection points and then tie them a network of piping that fills the tank. We can even install pumping systems to get the water out of the tank for you.


These tanks are a separate item from potable water or well water holding tanks where the water is being used for human consumption.



Tell Us About Your Water System Project

While we all love to save money, hiring an unqualified or inexperienced installer can really be a nightmare that has the ability to ruin your property and home. Call 403-815-0004  and talk to us and see why we’re better than the rest. Our expertise and experience will speak for itself. Or fill out the form below and let us get in touch with you today.