Septic Maintenance, Pumping and Service

Your septic system is imperative to the overall health of your home. It is the system that is solely responsible for the removal of waste from your home and saving your nose from unmentionable odours. Septic maintenance should be regularly scheduled to make sure that the system continues to function as it should, no one wants to walk around their property with gumboots on. Failing to maintain your system can lead to wastewater back up, pump failure and possibly sewage finding its way to your yard. Suddenly you’ll be known in the neighbourhood as the homeowner with a crappy yard – quite literally.

Common Issues In Septic Systems

Solid materials in a tank that do not decompose properly have to be pumped out and hauled away, these constituents are commonly referred to as Sludge and Scum. In Alberta tanks are designed to collect these for between 1 and 3 years depending on your use and should be evaluated by a professional that can set you up for routine maintenance.


Never believe anyone that says a septic system does NOT need to be maintained. ALL septic systems need some type of regular maintenance, even simple holding tanks.


One of the more common problems is materials or chemicals that cannot be handled by the septic system. For example, non-biodegradable materials like famine hygiene products, toys or diapers do not decompose naturally.

Also, chemicals like phosphates from detergent, harsh cleaning products and paints. Surprisingly, oils and grease also cause problems, if not hauled away regularly for proper disposal they can leach into the septic field or mound and start to seal off soils shortening the life of your system.

Warnings To Look Out For

Your septic tank may need maintenance if there is a pooling of smelly water around it. Pay attention to the lawn area on the drain field. Wastewater should not be visible. If it starts to surface, then your tank needs servicing.


Even though the grass may be greener around a septic tank – it really shouldn’t. Your yard may look nice, but it is also a sign that your septic tank is leaking. If it’s coupled with a bad smell, then your tank may need to be pumped soon.

Place Quality over Quantity

The professionals at ADS have been designing, installing and maintaining septic tank systems for more than 30 years. We aren’t the best because we are the cheapest. We are the best and maintain our reputation by putting quality over cost. A septic system is a long-term investment that takes skill, craftsmanship and expertise to install right the first time. The other guys might be cheaper, but they sure aren’t better. We live and service the same areas of this country we call home. The needs of rural America depend on someone who has their finger on the pulse of what we do every day. Tell us more about your project. Then lets us tell you how to do it right the first time with ADS.


Benefits of Regular Septic Maintenance and Service

Septic systems are expensive, they are also not designed to be installed and forgotten, in order to ensure the longevity of a large investment like a septic system it’s critical they get maintained regularly by a professional. There can be several components to a septic system and many novice or in experienced maintainers don’t know what to look for or how to properly service some systems resulting in a false level of confidence on your part. Its best to have a company that designs, installs and maintains system help you, that way you can breath easy knowing your system is in good hands.

There may be certain materials that you aren’t aware of that may not be biodegradable in the septic system. During an ADS service Call we can pinpoint if someone in your household is secretly disposing of products that shouldn’t be in the septic tank.

Don’t Wait for the Funky Smell to Ask Your Septic Question

We know you have questions and we have all the answers, some listed below.
If you are sitting in your living room wondering “what’s that smell?” Then it’s time to give us a call right away.


How long do septic systems last?

We know of systems that were installed by an quality contractor, have been maintained properly and used within their design parameters that are over 40 years old. Having said that we have also seen systems that were not installed by a quality contractor, and over used from day one that have started to see problems after only a few months. Most systems will last 30+ years in normal working conditions.

Should I use septic additives?

NO! Most septic additives on the market today are a SCAM!! (some have even been proven harmful to septic systems) So keep your money, use your system within its designed parameters, keep heavy chemicals, bleaches and solvents out of it, have it maintained regularly and you’ll be fine!

Do you have a pump truck to suck out tanks?

Yes, its big, shiny and orange. You can easily recognise it going down the road with its 5 foot ADS decal on the tank.

How much does it cost to pump my septic tank?

Although it varies from region to region due to tipping fees (disposing of sewage at a licensed receiving station) the typical cost of a tank under 1200 gallons is between $300 and $400.  The parameters that influence price are:  the distance the truck needs to travel, access and logistics of getting to your tank and the difficulty of the pumping itself (often sewage can be stubborn to pump).
Tanks over 1200 gallons can be more.

Are there ever other costs associated with getting my tank pumped out?

There can be, yes.
Is your tank lid buried? Today, the installation standards in Alberta require all access openings be accessible to surface for maintenance, HOWEVER, years ago this was not the case and many lids were buried. If your lid is buried, it will take the pumper some time to find the lid (with specific tools) and dig it up, and like they say “time is money”.  This is usually billed as an hourly extra but if you prefer we can quote it in advance as well.
Another cost you may incur is a filter cleaning, all systems with a septic field are mandated to install an effluent filter of some type.  These filters need to be rinsed off intermittently.   If your filter is easy to access it may not be an up charge, however some filters are very time consuming to pull out and clean and replace.
You may also want the pumper to test your system for functionality, maybe run your pump or lift the alarm float to make sure it is operating properly.  These services can also be billable.
The best way to determine what your costs will be is to get us out to have a look and let you know.  We’ll gladly asses what extras may need to be done while on the first pumping visit.  That way you can make the informed decision moving forward.

Do you maintain septic treatment plants?

You bet, we are trained in many of today's multitude of treatment plants operations and can service, maintain and repair them with ease.


Tell us about the Septic System  needs

The Acreage Development Solutions has been catering to the local community for the past 30 years. Many of our property managers and homeowners aren’t too keen on having a spontaneous sewer in their yards, and you shouldn’t be okay with that either.


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