Driveway Construction

Driveway and Access Road Construction

Your driveway is the first impression of your home

Make it a good one. Straightforward, winding through trees, or short and sweet, we’ll cover you. Many companies can excavate, but when site construction is unusual or complicated, look to Acreage Development Solutions (ADS) for professional, proven expertise. ADS is a family run development contracting company with over 30 years “in the dirt”. We design and install septic systems, excavate basements, and install water systems, but we have extensive experience in driveway construction and access roads.

We enjoy a challenge – often we are the first and only number clients call for unusual locations. ADS is unique in that we provide services for the rural areas surrounding Calgary that are in need of professionals that will analyze the land beneath them and determine the best, most logical and stable way to provide you with the driveway your property or acreage.We can even work with multi-site properties and larger projects. We specialize in out-of-the-way areas and know what it takes to build roads in rural areas. In addition to the drive to your house, we also prep and do the “dirt work” for access roads on your property. Need it gravelled? We have that covered too!.

Driveways don’t just go in and out. Here are things that ADS includes:

Focus on safety with verifiable success.

Partnering with Cremers Safety, Ltd. we are COR certified: awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet strict safety standards set out by Alberta Labour.

Now, we show you the “WOW”

We have a lot of years of experience in specialized heavy landscaping and “rough work.” And that includes doing the ground work for you new access road or driveway for you acreage or property. Browse through our gallery of completed projects and see our quality work for yourself.

DIY drives cause DIY pitfalls leading to DIY potholes and more…

Improperly excavated and packed ground leads to potholes, and frost heaves. Avoid bone-jarring speed bumps by using a trained professional. Remember, a “solid foundation” is used as a cliche for a reason. Rough roads, poor drainage and potholes can be common with DIY driveways or by those that cut corners.


Our family takes pride in not only completing your project but also offering service during move-in and afterward. We say Solution for a reason – we thrive on rugged landscapes, and we can show you. Our team keep up-to-date with technology, so you’re getting knowledgeable, proven work. When you treat your land as an investment, it makes sense to have premium work performed. Please speak with your sales representative about specific details.

Got questions? Here are some of the most common ones.

We have “Solution” in our name for a reason – we help with your ruggedest dirt work. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, we can still help you.



Do you compact the earth used for my driveway?

We can but usually for acreage driveways it's not a priority. Most people are happy to wait a cold cycle or two for it to settle. If you'd like to pave sooner than that, we can definitely add compaction to the scope of work.

Do you gravel the driveway when you're done building it and if so, what size of gravel do I need?

You bet we can gravel it! With a small fleet of dump trucks we can handle any driveway graveling job, the key to knowing what size the gravel needs to be lies in evaluating the roads base material and how it has been constructed. Some roads need larger gravel to “set in” others benefit from smaller gravel so it remains smooth.

What gravel will you use on my driveway?

It all depends on a few things.   If you are compacting it for pavement, then most likely we would use 3/4" crush gravel, if not then we need to assess the soil at your site to determine whether 3” minus or 1-1/2” road crush is best suited. We very seldom put a clean aggregate on for the first layer of gravel as there needs to be fines in it to bind the top surface properly.

Do you pave driveways, too?

Nope, but again, we’ve worked with some great paving contractors over the years and can hook you up!

What if I want recycled concrete or asphalt on my driveway?

No problem, we'll go get it for you!

Can you build roads in the winter?

In most cases yes, there have even been jobs we’ve needed to wait until winter for the ground to freeze so we could gain access.

Can you fix my driveway that has ruts in it that water runs down every time it rains?

Absolutely, ADS has specialized equipment and the experience to handle any type of driveway renovation or rebuild you can throw at us.

Do you build approaches too?

Yes! We’ve built more approaches than we can remember, rely on us to meet all of the current municipal standards and regulations to get you into your property.


Tell Us About Your Project

Every job is unique. The best thing to do is give us a little information about your project and what you are looking for and we’ll give you solutions. Please call us at 403-815-0004  or complete the form below and we’ll give you a call when the time is right for you.