Basement Excavation Services

Basement Excavation Services

If You Have Plans for a Basement, We Can Make the Whole

Acreage Development Solutions is a family run development contracting company with over 30 years experience helping with homeowners and property developers build beautiful acreages and rural properties. We design and install septic systems, water systems, and build driveways, but we have extensive experience in basement construction and excavation. Decades of proven expertise in rural areas has given us a familiarity with the challenges and concerns of excavation in a multitude of areas. We enjoy a challenge – often we are the first and only number clients call for unusual locations. No home is too far out of reach.


ADS focuses on safety, quality, and reliability. We take the time to complete your job right and leave your property ready for pouring and construction. And don’t worry, we won’t leave you with a big mess…backfilling, rough grading, finish grading, spreading topsoil and seeding are all part of our skill set as well! We also prep and do the “dirt work” for access to your property. Talk to us today – use the form below or give us a call. We can make a custom recommendation for your build site, as well as referrals to reliable, quality vendors we’ve worked with successfully.

Your basement is more than just a hole in the ground.

Here are things that ADS includes

Now, we show you the “WOW”

We’ve assured you that we value safety and quality in all our projects, for both our workers and our customers. We have a lot of years of experience in specialized heavy landscaping and “rough work.” Here, we’ll show you. Browse through our gallery of completed projects and see our quality work for yourself.

A poorly dug basement can leave you in the hole

Some things you can do on the cheap, but preparing and excavating the basement of your home shouldn’t be one! When done incorrectly or sloppily, you can end up with a wet or flooded basement – caused by poor grading at the exterior. This means that the ground slopes toward the building or allows water to pond next to the building, rather than away. Putting too much stress on an improperly installed home foundation can lead to cracks, leaks, or uneven floors in the house.


Sometimes, with the earth below your basement, weather cycles can cause settling, then cracking in the foundation. We make sure your foundation is on solid ground every time we digg we can also make recommendations for a proper timeline to mitigate settling and shifting as much as possible. We never know when ripping will be required or digging through frost – this is part of our service repertoire and can be handled as needed.


Our family takes pride in not only completing your project but also offering service during move-in and afterward. We say Solution for a reason – we thrive on rugged landscapes, and we can show you. Our team keep up-to-date with technology, so you’re getting knowledgeable, proven work. When you treat your land as an investment, it makes sense to have premium work performed.

Common questions we are asked?

We know you have questions and we have all the answers, some listed below.


Do you just do excavating?

No, ADS is well versed in all aspects of acreage developing from water systems and septic systems to aggregate hauling and seeding, we cover your entire acreage when it involves dirt!

How much does it cost to dig a Basement?

Unlike urban production projects, there is no set price for acreages as each one is different. The best way to get pricing to you is to meet you on your site, have a look at the home plans and assess your build individually.

Is backfilling included in the excavating price?

We always separate and detail what's in every quote, but be careful reading other quotes, not every company is clear on what's included and what's an extra.

What does "grading" mean?

Grading is when the contours of the earth around your home are sloped in the right direction to carry water away from the foundation. This is a very critical detail in the building process to ensure your house stays dry!

What's the difference between pre grading and finish grading?

Pre grading is done when the backfilling takes place and all major dirt is pushed in around your foundation and that dirt will settle and shift.  Near the time of the rough landscaping, a finish grade is done to all of the areas that have settled or been disrupted by other trades building your home. It's like a clean-up before loam goes on.

Is reapplying loam and rough landscaping the site included in your price?

Unless otherwise specified, no. Finish grading and landscaping is always something we leave out of the initial pricing package because there are so many variables that can change that process its best to wait until the picture is clearer and then assess.

Is ripping of rock or frost included?

Unless otherwise specified, no. We never know when ripping will be required so it's hard to price.  We invoice this as an hourly extra as needed, that way it's fair to everyone.

Do you crib and pour foundations?

Sorry, no.   If you need a referral just ask.

What about tarring foundations, do you do that?

Again, no, but we can connect you!

You must do weeping tile and drain rock around the foundation?

This we can do!!!


Tell Us About Your Basement Project

We are all about being efficient and making sure you have all the information and most accurate quote possible. So tell us about what you need and we will see where we can be helpful . Please give us a call 403-815-0004  or complete the form below and we will get back to you right away.