Acreage Development Excavation Services

Acreage Development Services

We have you covered, even underground!

Acreage Development Solutions turns rough landscapes into beautiful and functional spaces. Over thirty years of experience in a family owned and operated septic, water and excavation company makes us the first (and usually only) number customers call for developing acreages. Our custom acreage development packages are created (and designed, where applicable) for each unique job, as we understand that each job will have its own logistical needs. From digging a basement to digging a pond or removing a large tree, you want a premium company doing your work. We thrive on challenging land, including swamp work.


Safety is key to us, from our workers to the end users of our projects. We’ve partnered with Cremers Safety, Ltd. to help us to achieve our COR safety program. We work from basement to driveway to yard getting those tough jobs completed with care and deliberation. When you’re ready to make it pretty, we can refer you to quality, proven designers, landscapers for the “soft” work of planting, placing flowers and shrubbery, and laying sod.

Material Hauling Services

Site prep for your buildings

We can get you ready to install outbuildings too. Garages, workshops, or barn arena pads, we got it. Were well versed in excavating dirt moving, utility trenching, water system design and install, and one of our favorites, septic system design, installation, and maintenance. We even go as far as to seed your disrupted areas to grass and put up a fence if you need.


Part of what we do is remove large obstacles, fill topsoil, and back fill so your pretty new building isn’t surrounded by a mess.

Water Systems Installation Services

Water Systems

Ok, so we don’t drill wells but we can refer someone, and we do tie them in so you have water! We do all kinds of water system applications from the simple pump-in well and pressure tank to complicated valving systems for multiple zone uses (like when you have more than one building and want to add livestock waterers). YES! We also install automatic waterers and hydrants too!


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Basement Excavation

Basement Excavation

With many years and many basements under our belts, there are no home excavations that are too big or too complicated for us. Got blueprints? Let us help you make them a hole!


And don’t worry, we won’t leave you with a big mess…back filling, rough grading, finish grading, spreading topsoil and seeding are all part of our skill set as well! The truth is…we have a lot of fun working with clients to get their yards looking (and working) like they want them!

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Septic System Installation

Gross right? Here’s the gross part – your septic backing up into your house or bubbling up onto your lawn! How about this … we install it right so those things don’t happen!

And of all the things on this list, if we have a “specialty” this is it. From simple holding tanks to cutting edge advanced treatment units in impossible areas. No septic is out of our realm.

We often get calls from clients telling us we were the only number to call, no one else will take this on.

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H2. When you’re ready with a tough job, here are ways that we can make it work

⦁ “Rough Work” such as grading clay for drainage, spreading topsoil

⦁ Installation of rock walls and berms

⦁ Septic installation and service, including troubleshooting, pumping and maintenance

Permaculture jobs – keyline construction for tree and shrub planting, multi-level ponds that move water from one to another, swim ponds and hugel bed construction

⦁ Basement excavation from groundbreaking to backfilling and finish grading. We don’t crib, but we have reputable, proven contractors we will gladly refer

⦁ Water system applications from simple well tie ins to valving systems for multiple uses, such as livestock waters and yard hydrants

Screw Piles, or foundation posts, for deep foundations

Don’t Skimp on the Dig

Some knock-offs you can get away with. A fake watch might tick instead of glide, but a cheap driveway will crack. An improperly removed tree can leave behind a root system that may continue to grow, damaging surrounding landscape and foundations. Or an inexperienced tree removal company may remove your tree… right on top of your house. Water system work that isn’t correctly plumbed and installed can freeze or leak, causing flooding to your property or basement. You want to have safe, qualified professionals taking care of your property. We are COR certified: awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet strict safety standards set out by Alberta Labour.

If you have a challenge on your property and you aren’t sure where to start, give Acreage Development Solutions a call. We say Solution for a reason – we thrive on challenging landscapes, and we can show you. Our team keep up-to-date with technology, so you’re getting knowledgeable, proven work. When you treat your land as an investment, it makes sense to have premium work performed. Give ADS a call – we’ll treat you right from planning through installation and service work long after completion.

Developing an Acreage Comes With Lots of Questions.

Here is some of our most common questioned asked when working with our clients. Of course, call us and we will answer all your questions. We want you to have the best results possible, so ask away!


What do you mean by “package”?

We mean ADS can handle all of the dirt aspects of your acreage build, from the road, basement excavation, water system and septic system, we even go farther than that so you don't need to call a multitude of contractors and stress about scheduling every one.

Do you supply the material for the utility trenches you dig?

In many cases yes, however it depends on the utility, some major utility providers have a monopoly over the utility installation and are usually very difficult to deal with so we leave it to them.

What's a hugel bed?

It's a type of raised garden bed commonly associated with permaculture projects, a movement of sustainable growing techniques that emulate patterns and features observed in nature.


Tell Us About Your Acreage Development Project

Every landowner has different needs. Call and tell us about your project, what you want to achieve and the long term goals of your development. Complete the form or give us a call at 403-815-0004 to tell us about your septic system project.